The Swing of the 30's proves to be an unrivaled musical style:

It can turn a whole world into euphoria. The KING OF SWING ORCHESTRA ("KOSO") has committed itself to this era-defining music for more than 25 years. Why does this style still trigger euphoric enthusiasm? You will find out when you join the audience of the orchestra's current concert program: “IT'S GOOD MAN!


The "KOSO" presents one of the most passionate swing shows of our days. The DNA of the orchestra is revealed. The musicians do not only play swing, they live swing in a gripping way. IT'S GOOD MAN!” is an authentically unleashing homage to the orchestra's namesake, the "King of Swing", Mr. Benny Goodman.


"Thank you for your very fine recording of the music of my father Benny Goodman. I am glad you are making these efforts to keep his music alive.”


This personal acknowledgment from Rachel Goodman Edelson, daughter of world-renowned clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman, not only distinguishes the KING OF SWING ORCHESTRA - it also inspires the artists to live up to this remarkable compliment time and again.

The epicenter of this "Burnin' for Benny" is German clarinetist ENGELBERT WROBEL. His captivating "Hot" interpretations, combined with the sensitive, playful elegance of the "King of Swing" have made him well known in Europe's swing scene and can be summed up as:

“IT’S GOOD MAN”! Bandleader and drummer PETER FLEISCHHAUER is sitting in the engine room of his swinging power-boat and provides his crew with an electrifying drive. And just like the "King of Swing", Benny Goodman, the King of Swing Orchestra knows the secret of enhancing its concentrated Big Band Power. With an enchanting female voice! ANNA LARSEN'S magical performance evokes the sound of the 30's, the flair you dream of while listening to such old-famous titles like "Bei mir bist du scheijn", "Goody, Goody" or "And the Angels sing": ANNA LARSEN  - or  “And The Angel Sings…”

The KING OF SWING ORCHESTRA lets the music of its namesake, the "King of Swing" - Benny Goodman - live on with joy.